Mike Rockétt

Pipelines for PHP

Some months back, I forked the League’s Pipeline package to give it a little more oomph.

Published 31 July 2021 in PHP

You really don’t need Vuex

Seriously, it’s overkill, and much of what goes on can be replaced with observable objects.

Published 20 December 2020 in Vue

To name, or not to name

In the world of JavaScript modules, default exports are really a compatibility layer for CommonJS-of-old. Named exports solve problems may developers experience – this post explores them.

Published 20 December 2020 in JavaScript

Component Factories for Vue

It’s not uncommon to follow the default approach and register global Vue components manually. But there’s a better way. Two of them, in fact. And we can do it for Vuex too, but that’s for another post.

Published 20 December 2020 in Vue

State Helpers for Vuex

Shorter code is great. Even shorter code is even better. In this post, you’ll learn how to drastically shorten the length of your Vuex mutations, making for some really clean code.

Published 20 December 2020 in Vue

Some quick and useful Laravel tips

Since November 2017, I’ve been working with a small web-dev firm that uses Laravel for all its clients’ API backends. Over time, we’ve been taking new approaches to solving problems, and simplifying our code to make life easier in the long run. Here are some quick and useful tips we’ve been following as part of this process.

Published 20 December 2020 in Laravel

Custom Messages in Laravel Form Requests

From Laravel 5.5, JSON responses are a little different. In particular, you’ll find that validation exceptions have changed, and it’s easy to miss what the upgrade guide says about it.

Published 20 December 2020 in Laravel

Macroify your Apache Virtual Hosts

If you’re on Windows, chances are you don’t have a handy package like Valet to make your development-workflow easier. If you’re using a standard Apache installation, this might go a long way in speeding things up.

Published 20 December 2020 in Tidbits