Mike Rockétt

This is a feed of little tidbits, or bytes of information, that don’t really warrant a full blog post. Typically, I’ll share random, short thoughts about programming and design, as well as things I’m working on.

General April 2023

I’ve redeployed this site to Fly.io. It previously ran on a very-much-manually-configured Amazon EC2 instance, and the migration path was extremely smooth — took less than 10 minutes!

Updates April 2023

Open source hasn’t been getting enough attention from me of late. Hopefully, this can soon change, and it technically already has, with my rewrite of Routisan, currently underway.

Learning March 2023

I’ve spent the past few months learning TypeScript. Quite crazy to think that, over and above it being a superset of JavaScript, it’s a language within a language!

More recently, I’ve also spent some time learning Rust. Bit of a brain-twister, but keen to learn more and, hopefully, build something useful with it soon.

Updates February 2023

WeasyPrint for Laravel v7 has been released. It drops support for PHP 8.0, and now requires Laravel 9+ to run.