Mike Rockétt

New Decade, New Blog

Starting afresh in 2020, with a new blog, in a new decade.

#General — 20 December 2020

Previously, I ran my blog (which got left well-unattended after some time) on a ProcessWire setup. Whilst a great CMS, I felt it was a tad overkill for my needs – this in terms of setting up templates, fields, etc, and then moving it over to a production environment. I needed something a little more developer-friendly on one side, but super-simple on the other. So I chose Laravel, and added a pinch of Canvas, a Medium-style publishing package (it’s really neat – you should give it a try). As for hosting, I’ve changed it up a bit, and gone with Google Cloud.

In this new decade, and as a lot has changed for me from a work perspective over the last few years, the aim is to write more – sharing things that matter to me and/or to others. It’s really that simple. No fancy New Year’s resolutions. I’d just like to write things down.

Some open-source might help too – I love writing software, and I love sharing it. In the next few months, I’ll be writing some new code, sharing some existing code, and talking about open-source and how it measures up in 2020, etc.

I’ve carried over some posts from my old blog, which is gone now. Everything else was really just a mess of links to other sites about things that interested me at the time.