Mike Rockétt

Elegant routing for Vue with Routisan 3

Vue Routisan has a new life – a v3 alpha has been released for testing!

#Vue — 20 December 2020

A little while back, I took over a project called Vue Routisan. Inspired by Laravel, its premise was simple: introduce a cleaner, easier-to-read approach to defining routes for Vue Router.

I spotted it back when it launched, and thought, ​“I’d love to use this!”

The projects I was working on at the time didn’t have the capacity for that kind of refactor, however. The routing files were quite large, and had just undergone a refactor of their own.

Fast-forward to 2020, a few of my hobby projects were identified for a refactor, which included the transition to Routisan. Package maintenance was quite slow (happens to the best of us), with two outstanding issues that needed resolution. At this point, my capacity to maintain the project was there, and felt that it was something I’d be willing to do.

So, I contacted the author, Ranie Santos, to ask if he was open to me taking it over. See, I had a rewrite in mind, and didn’t want to release it as a new package. Shortly after, he got in touch, and we began the process.

The rewrite was already planned-out at this point, sans a few features that would make it level with the 2.x release. Then, life happened, work happened, COVID happened, and I didn’t get around to wrapping it up (again, happens to the best of us)…

Until this weekend. Enough was enough — I wanted it done.

v3 Alpha Release

Yesterday, Routisan 3 Alpha was released! This version changes the way in which routes are prepared for Vue Router, and throws in some new features as well, such as name cascading, and the ability to use {curly braces} in route parameters. It also fixes the two outstanding issues related to the use of route groups.

If you’d like to give v3 a try, it’s currently available on the next package-tag:

$ npm i vue-routisan@next

New documentation is also available over at vue​-routi​san​.rock​ett​.pw.

For existing users who’d like to try v3, please be sure to check the upgrade guide, and the changelog – there are some breaking changes in this release.

Next release will be a beta, after I’ve done some more real-world test cases (ie, throwing it into existing projects to make sure it works well). Hoping to get it out in the next week or so. If testing goes well, v3 stable should be out in the next few weeks.

Thanks to the original author

I’d like to thank Ranie for creating and bringing this package into the Vue ecosystem. It appears to be relatively active, and I’m quite sure that v3 will be a great release for everyone using it. 🎉