Mike Rockétt

I’m a software-developer based in South Africa. I build web-based apps that solve real-world problems and are a joy to use.

Since 2019, I’ve been building an integrated operations and financial management platform for a home-grown freight-forwarding and customs-clearing company called Megafreight.

My primary tools of the trade are Laravel and Vue.js, but also dabbling with Svelte. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time learning TypeScript which, interestingly enough, has made me want to learn Rust as well (provided the borrow checker and I can be friends). Have also spent time creating tooling in V, the most recent of which is an internal project orchestration CLI built around Docker.

When not doing that, I’m either spending some time away from the screen, making contributions to open-source, or creating random stuff.

If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to drop me an email.