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5 January 2018, 5 min read Custom Messages in Laravel Form Requests #laravel#dev#tips

From Laravel 5.5, JSON responses are a little different. In particular, you’ll find that validation exceptions have changed, and it’s easy to miss what the upgrade guide says about it.

7 July 2018, 9 min read Some quick and useful Laravel tips #laravel#dev#tips

Since November 2017, I’ve been working with a small web-dev firm that uses Laravel for all its clients’ API backends. Over time, we’ve been taking new approaches to solving problems, and simplifying our code to make life easier in the long run. Here are some quick and useful tips we’ve been following as part of this process.

14 February 2020, 4 min read Let’s Shorten those Shell Commands #bash#zsh#tips

Some useful shell aliases for your development pleasure.

16 February 2020, 3 min read Artisan Console Input Validation #laravel#dev#tips

A cleaner way to validate console input.